Wednesday, September 9, 2009


So we're back!! After four fabulous days in Miami, Kima and Lulu have returned to the I hope everyone had a wonderful Labour Day weekend: we did! So where to begin? Well after being stuck in the plane for an hour and half Saturday afternoon because of the rain, we finally got to our hotel. Well lunch already passed so we needed to figure out what to eat for dinner. So being the tourists that we are, we asked the guy @ the front desk where he suggested for some "home-cooked Cuban food that's worth every penny". And so we made our walk from the 20th block to the 7th for dinner at Puerto Sagua. So its definitely NOT the high heels sparlking dress restaurant you may be expecting to be eating at in Miami (no paparazzi at the window) but if it is delicious, mouth-watering Cuban food you're looking for, this is the place. A nice sized diner/cafe, Puerto Sagua offers a menu (in English and Spanish) that covers Cuban cuisin from chicken, fish, beef, pork, and eggs (so yes, vegetarians can enjoy a bite or two as well). and items range from 8-14$ approximately. With the amount of food put on your plate, you can't help but eat here.
Let me start with the plantains. OMGCBin3D!! Sweet plantains that are still warm (and I say this because the food comes out within 5 minutes of ordering which makes you wonder if they have huge vats of stew and vegetables in the back- eh, who cares!) are some of the tastiest things on the menu. LOL I even suggested that nex time I'll just order a large plate full. Ok, so Kima chose the beef stew while I chouse the ground beef. For someone who is a meat lover, and doesn't like the overwhelming taste of spice, these are dishes for you. Both meat dishes were on the milder side. I can't be sure of what, if any seasoning besides s&p, is in there, but the taste was definitely on the light side so there was no problems tasting the olives and vegetables mixed in the beef. And pour in on top of the MOUND of rice given to you and you're set.
Puerto Sagua
700 Collins Avenue
Miami Beach. FL 33139

Well, the next day we decided we deserved a fancy, beautiful dinner after our relaxing day @ Lapis Spa @ the Fontainbleu (I know this is not a spa blog, but seriously, if you're in Miami, I must suggest that you mae a stop at this spa if even only for one service). So we went to Ola Miami, a Latin-Fusion restaurant (mixing Colombian, Cuban, and other Latin flavours). While we were in Miami there was a food fest going on called Miami Spice. Basically, several restaurants were offering a set menu which displayed the tastes/flavours of Miami. Yeah, we didn't do that. We chose to just order off the menu. Let me tell you first- THE NICEST STAFF. The guy who seated us (who I believe is the owner) is great for helping you pick out the right wine. I wish I could remember what he suggested for me, but it was definitely one of the best red wines I've ever had. I just remember it being from Spain. So I can't tell you much about the duck Kima ordered (girl, please feel free to FILL THIS IN) but my plantain crusted mahi mahi was delicious and EXTREMELY filling. The fish was mildly seasoned and then coated in mashed plantains and fried to form a hard crust on top. OMGCBin3D so good! So, so good but it took me almost over to finish it, and when I did I was pretty sure it was bed time (but maybe that was partly due to the wine?). The fish was placed over a spoonful off oxtail stew (the first time I've had oxtail and I'll never hate on it again. Oddly sweet and savoury at the same time) and tomato escabeche. Ok and the bread they serve. So its called pandebono which is a Colombian cheese bread. There is a hint of sweetness in the bread which is from the sugar and tapioca, but its the mild queso in the dough which makes you go, mmm! After dinner Kima and I Googled the bread and found various recipes for it, but the waiter was the sweetest man and gave me four raw dough balls so that I could have some @ home. In the end dinner for two and wine for two came to smething like 85.00$+ tax, but an experience totally worth it.
Ola Miami
1745 James Ave
Miami Beach, FL 33139


Abhi said...

I left a message for you. Please check the followers of your blog.


Twigam said...

WOw, thanks for the Desi type blog on food for our palette. I am impressed by the Miami trip and will have to check out that place when I'm down there.

If you haven't tried Aunt Chilada's in Hilton Head, you should swing by there for the "grilled" Buffalo Wings. OUT OF THIS WORLD!

Also, not sure if you're already in the Orthopedic residency. If not, how far is a Plastic Surgery residency from that? hehe.

Just so you know, I'm in usually in Pooler and love Desi culture so if you want to hang out or go out for dinner at Kimchi II (I'm usually the only Patel in there :-)) or some other spot just email me.

LuLu said...

Hmm, Thanks for the heads up about Aunt Chilada's. I'll have to take a friend up there and get opinion on it as I've decided to stop eating meat for a while. Thanks again for the heads upTwigam.