Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The Great American Bake Sale

First of all, I have to thank those that participated in the great American Bake Sale which I organized at my jog along with the help of the fabulous Nurse J. I thought, "What a great was to help raise money to end childhood hunger" because I love sweets and so do our patients at the clinic. But our patients are primarily obese people with diabetes and hypertension and hypercholesterolemia, so I thought, "Why not do a bake sale of all our favourite holidays treats, but make healthier versions of them?" So here's what we came up with and soon to come... The Cook Book! Big thanks you to the Milwaukee Cupcake Company for donating TWO DOZEN gluten free cupcakes to the bake sale. 

Nut Clusters
Cupcakes from Milwaukee Cupcake Company

Chocolate Truffles

Mini Sweet Potato Pies courtesy of Dr. I

Even the medical student joined in by baking granola bars

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