Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Don's Seafood Hut

Catfish stuffed with crab-really, you can't get any better! There are tons of places to get seafood in Lafayette, but ask the locals and they're gonna tell you to go to Don's. Now don't be confused, there is a Don's Seafood in downtown (apparently the owners of the two are related) but the cozy lil' spot on Johnston St is definitely the one to go to. From the outside it looks like it might be a sports bar, but inside feels really cozy. Ok, so besides the stuffed catfish (and all the other stuffed dishes) there's boiled shrimp and, when in season, crawfish and we all know how much we love crawfish down here. The seafood salad has more than its share of seafood (which is all good with me 'cause why for crab and crawfish when all you get tons of lettuce). My friends had the seafood gumbo (as they're anti-pork) and raved about it, so there's another reason why you need to try it out. Now, ordinarily you don't associate seafood with desserts but the apple cobbler...OMG! Yes, definitely make room for it. Warm apply cobbler with vanilla ice cream is the perfect way to end the meal. But yeah-the stuffed catfish is so amazingly yum. The stuffing is NOT 90% breadcrumbs 10% crab. Its crab and so so good crab. I promise you will lick your plate clean-oh yeah, not only is the crab stuffing delicious, but so is the fish So when you're in Lafayette and you're in the mood for some Cajun goodness, drive to Don's Seafood Hut and dig in!

Don's Seafood Hut 4309 Johnston St, Lafayette

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