Sunday, May 17, 2009

Two Smart Girls find Two Smart Cookies ... Plus Some!

The diamond in the rough... Kimi and Lulu's adventures in Savannah, GA, lead them to Savannah's guilty pleasure: Two Smart Cookies. Honestly people, these are some of the best cookies I have EVER had (well, M/ Felix and Mr. Norton back in Canada def takes the cake). On White Bluff Rd right before the intersection with Stephenson, is this lil' white house with a green sign on the roof hidden behind some trees. The smell... OMG! The smell when entering the bakery is more than heavenly. What makes a grown-up regress back to childhood faster than the smell and warmth of freshly baked cookies? Missing those hugs from mommy yet? The first things you see in the glass case are the adorable sugar cookies shaped as seahorses, fish, and even a lil' bikini frosted in pinks, greens, and yellow (well, it is beach season). Can we say adorable. What marvelous treasure do we see on top of the glass case but a tray of samples! Now Kimi is gonna tell you that the oatmeal cookies with craisins and toffee are da bomb diggity, but umm, Lulu here says YAY SMART COOKIE! How can you go wrong with a warm, soft chocolate cookie with pecans? You just can't. I mean, my tummy was singing "Just Dance" as that cookie made its home in my stomach :o) Ok, so here's their website:, but unfortunately this treasure chest is only open Mon-Fri from 10 am to 5 pm so I guess if you work you better make most of your lunch hour. Oh! btw- you can even ask for milk for your cookie! Now really, how cute is that?!

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