Saturday, April 4, 2009

Casbah Moroccan Restaurant

So you're wandering around downtown Savannah and all of a sudden you decide, "Hey, I want some lamb. And you know what, I want practice my belly dancing moves in case one day I get asked to perform for the Sultan." then I suggest you try Casbah. Now, if you've have Moroccan in DC (which I have) or perhaps in Morocco, well then I can't say this place is outstanding, but its definitely pretty good. The dishes are in the 20$-range, but they do have set menus where you can pick appetizers, entrees, and a dessert and that's around 30$ which I saw go for. I had the lamb w/ caramelized apricots. Its a mild curry, so if you're looking for spicy you may want to try the spicy roasted lamb. But if you're looking for an interesting, yet complientary flavours, go for this dish. The unique flavour of lamb mized with stewed fruit is actually nice as the sweetness of the apricots cut the sharpness of lamb.
So besides the food, I definitely think you'll enjoy the experience of the place. The tables are low set and you sit on cushion like couches giving you that feel of eating in Morocco. The waiters come to your table with warm water for you to wash your hands as it is customary to eat with your right hand (but if you're not into that, they've utensils). Then come the belly dancers. The girls are fun to watch as they dance around the diners and totally welcome everyone to come dance with them. Its customary-although not required-to tip the dancers if they come up to you. Eh, why not. If you're a guy I'm sure you'll be thrilled to slip a dollar bill into the dancer's belt. Overall its a fun and tasty dinner experience, but I suggest you make reservations prior because the place is PACKED all the time-especially weekends.
Oh! And if you like the music, or the costumes, there's a lil' boutique near the entrance of the restaurant for you to purchase these items as well as their sauces, tobacco for your hookah, and other lil' goodies.

Casbah Moroccan Restaurant
118 E. Broughton St, Savannah GA

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