Sunday, August 2, 2009

Put A Spoon In It Before You Leave For Work

Yes breakfast truly is an important meal of the day. SO EAT IT. Don't think you ate a large dinner that it'll get your through lunch the next day. It won't. Sweeties, your body is breaking down the foods you ate and is using it for all different purposes to keep your body function. By morning that fuel has been used up. You need to have breakfast to get glucose going to the brain in the morning so you can function again. So you don't get sleepy and dizzy behind the wheel, so that you can concentrate on your work and not lose your job, so that your body doesn't collapse due to low blood sure. Oh, and did I mention that it helps you lose weight? For instance, eating a well balanced breakfast gets all the right things in your body, keeps you full until the next meal time, and keeps you from snacking on crap (no, Cheeze-Its are not considered a part of your daily dairy intake). If you don't believe me, and maybe its because I'm a new doctor and you'd rather get advice from old docs that have been around the block a few times about this topic, then here are a few links that will back up my reasons.

So now you hopefully realize that yeah you have to eat in the morning, so what are you going to eat? I'm guessing there's no convincing you to get up a lil' earlier than normal to cook yourself something, and perhaps the cold cereal thing isn't your deal. Its ok, I found this link with some helpful ideas. BTW: Pancakes don't really go bad so you could just make a whole bunch at one time and warm them up in the morning. I'm a huge fan of "protein pancakes" which basically is just adding more protein to the pancakes via the tasteless product known as cottage cheese. Yes, that's right. That curdly stuff that no one wants to eat (myself included). So here's how I deal with it.

Lulu's Protein Pancakes
Recipe makes 2
1/4 cup of fat free cottage cheese
1 full tbsp of whole wheat flour
1 tsp ground flax seed
1 full tbsp of pancake mix
1 egg white
So I mix the first five ingredients in a bowl until smooth and then I slowly add milk until its at the consistency I like.
When the pan is hot (I use a nonstick with a lil' butter 'cause nonstick is never really is it?) I pour half the mix. When its covered with air holes I flip it over and let cook for about a minute. Remove from heat and make the second the same way. I'm a lover of PURE maple syrup. Now for a twist, sometimes when I pour the batter in I add a few thinly sliced strawberries, or chocolate chips, or nuts and bananas. Add whatever you want.

So here are quick b-fast recipes.

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