Sunday, August 2, 2009

Yoplait Whips are .60$ a cup- I can do better!

So I'm a yogurt freak. An absolute yogurt freak. Its everything from savoury to sweet. I love the creaminess of European and Greek yogurt. I can't stand that watery-excuse of of dairy they sell at most super markets. I mean, there's the gelatin like mass with some liquid floating at the top and on the occasion something that kinda resembles fruit. As Greek yogurt is over 1.00$ PER CONTAINER (and that's single serving) I turned to something different. I found Yoplait Whips and to quote a kinda annoying tv food personality: "YUM-O". Well, not that .60$ is much, I mean its basically 4.20$ a week + tax, I decided to make my own whipped yogurt. Well, Googl-ing whipped yogurt wasn't helpful when looking for recipes so I did the next best thing" Yogurt Mousse. Well, that definitely produced results. My favourite recipe contained kiwi and a lot of sugar, so still trying to get Miami ready, I took the liberty to make a few changes. For instance, the recipe was a cake and yogurt mousse, and as I didn't want cake, I just used the mousse part. Next, I eliminated the 70 gm of sugar and I used 1 tbsp of sugar in the whipped cream. Now, I know, you're like, "WTF! No sugar, how can it taste sweet?" Simple. After I made the mousse I layered it in a glass with fresh strawberries.And for a ta-da. drizzle a lil' honey. Now how is that not a great, healthy dessert? Plus umm, The tub of yogurt was 2.00$, the whipped cream was 1.00$ and I had sugar and gelatin at home. So yeah, say it all came to 7.00$, but its definitely enough ingredients to make more than one week. Enjoy!


Erica said...

definitely going to try this recipe!

LuLu said...

Yay! I'm always creating healthy desserts... I may have a chocolate pudding coming up :o)