Thursday, October 22, 2009

The Coffee Underground- Really it is!

So I was recently in Greenville, SC for a residency interview. The drive from Savannah, GA was about 3.5 hours so when I pulled into town, the first thing I did after dumping my bags in my hotel room was get out and about and look for something good to eat.

Ok let me give a backdrop. At the beginning of this month I decided to give up meat. My reasoning was, I don't believe in clenses and detox diets. I think they're insane and dangerous so I decided to just take meat out of my diet and consume tons of fruits and vegetables. Well, as I was looking for vegetarian recipes I cam across various articles about American farming and the cruelty to animals that goes on in these farms. I DO know what cruel free farming is as I lived in the Caribbean for two years and witnessed it there. I know animals don't need to be caged, they don't need to be clusterd and tortured and abused and pumped with antibiotics and hormones. So I've decided I am not eating meat or animal products unless 1. I can guarantee that they came from cruel-free farms and 2. I'm out at a restaurant and I really don't any alternative option (but that's a very unlikely situation).

Ok, so here I am walking around downtown Greenville thinking "I'm hungry, but I don't want to eat something that's going to pit me to sleep". So as I came to Coffee St, I see this sign saying Coffee Underground. It was a chilly day so I thought a nice cup of coffee would do me good and I don't like Starbucks (that's right, I don't). But where was this cafe? I didn't see it, just the sign pointing to a staircase. So like Alice in Wonderland I followed. Well At hte end of the stairs was this door that led to a dim lighted warm and cozy cafe. The smell of chocolate and coffee just swept throw the air. So I get to the counter and am greeted by the sweetest girl and she asks what I want. Well. my eyes caught the words "Mexican Mocha" and I figured, well I bet it as a kick because I know hispanic people put chili in the chocolate so I asked her for one. She asked if I wanted something to eat (OF COURSE I DO!) so I asked what wer ethe vegetarian options. She suggested the Thai Tofu Wrap with peanut sauce.... ok so when my name was called up (lol it never gets old how they compare it to a Disney character's) I got my coffee and wrap and sat at my table and started surfing the web while I let my coffee cool a little so I wouldn't burn my mouth. Seriously, one of THE BEST cups of coffee I ever had. So good that I actually started putting cocoa powder and chili and cinnamon in my coffee ground. Ok so yes, great coffe- now the wrap. The tofu was marianted in soy and the flavours just soaked into it. SO GOOD. The wrap stuffed with the tofu, sprouts and other greens with that warm peanut sauce (with nuts in it), PLEASE ef go there. I told you there's always vegetarian options wherever you go, and sometimes they're even better than the meat!

Coffee Underground
1 East Coffee Street
Greenville, SC 29601

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